Who’s in your corner? Gratitude and Giveaways.

10 months ago • 2 minutes read

What an amazing ride! 

HomeHustle has now been live for 3 months and the response has been fantastic. I am so proud of what we have achieved. Over the past six months, I have been blessed to work with talented developers, designers, financial planners, marketing wizards and mentors, who have helped my dream become a reality. 

I first saw HomeHustle in my day dreams as briefs flying around on a map and retailers reaching out and grabbing them, to make an offer. Next the sketches appeared in my notebook, and I laboured over them, bright eyed for weeks. I finally had the courage to act on my instincts and spent two long days in a workshop to produce logic drawings. I knew I had to get some financial advice and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an amazing Financial Adviser, who empowered me to structure a company and bestowed one million shares on me! But I was still too gun shy to actually pull the trigger and develop it. That’s until my best friend intervened and slipped me the name of a digital nomad, who came highly recommended, and said ‘just do it or you’ll die wondering!’

Before I knew it, I was linked in to a supportive, capable and innovative network of super hip digital nomads. They got to work chasing the ether of my day dreams and turning it into clickable chunks of functioning code. Just 3 short months ago HomeHustle went live and you can now see it right there in the public domain, live on the internet. 

This beautiful, slippery, doubt ridden process has been so empowering and invigorating that I am forever changed and I couldn’t have done it without some key people in my corner. 

To express my gratitude for all the likes, shares and ‘go girl’ comments, I would like to have a little fun and run a competition! 

If you publish a design brief before the 15th of April you will go into the draw to win a a $50 voucher to a store of your choice. Perhaps you’d choose make up from the Myer counter, a power drill from Bunnings or a facial from Endota Spa. It’s your call, because we know, that you know exactly what you want!

We haven’t forgotten about our retail partners, you’ll also go into the draw for a second voucher and a HomeHustle subscription discount.

Thanks again for joining me on this ride.

B x