When you see something you love...the renovation cycle.

12 months ago • 4 minutes read

Inspiration, frustration, satisfaction...REPEAT

Renovating is a constant cycle of decision fatigue. During our recent bathroom renovation, I spent a lot of time and money on finding my style. Home magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube were helpful sources, but it was often the delightful spaces I entered on holidays or nights out, where I got the best inspiration.

When you see it...snap a photo on the sly.

Have you ever been out and laid eyes on the perfect light fitting, paint shade, door furniture or taps and thought...'that's it', 'that's the one', and when you asked the staff they were unable to tell you where to source it? Maybe they're not the owner or the fit out happened a few years ago, or the owner's relative custom made it, perhaps it's just a cool one-off piece?This happens to me often! I'm a visual person so I need to see something in situ for the lightbulb to pop.

Recently, we took a family holiday to Byron Bay, a place of endless inspiration, a visual and spiritual feast for designers and makers. We made a trip up to 'The Farm', which is a devine working farm in the heart of Byron Shire. We spent hours wandering their gardens, laughing at the pigs wrestling in the mud pit and tasting some delightful bites in the Three Blue Ducks restaurant. The kids had an absolute ball and hubby and I got to relax with boutique beers and wines in the shade, while the kids enjoyed the tours and and the most exquisite sunflower forest!

It was on this delightful day that I saw the perfect bathroom sink that I had been unable to source from my 'regular' bathroom stores. I loved the way they had teamed it with concrete floors and outdoor garden style tapware. The glossy mirror and strip lighting gave it a cool rustic chic. A jam jar vase stuffed with simple daisys and chrysanthemums was just perfect. I knew it was the sink that was the centrepiece, of course,  I snapped a quick photo and told my hubby to have a quick look.  As soon as we were back in our accommodation I started on the iphone googling sinks. I found some, but none near to my home or quite right, unless I was prepared to pay a fortune for shipping costs or comprimise my design, - commence the frustration part of the rennovation cycle. I knew these sinks existed, but pretty soon I gave up the hunt. 

Another time, for my 40th birthday we visitied the amazing Mr.Wongs restaurant in Sydney. This place is a total visual, sensory treat. Amazing dishes, excellent service, divine cocktails and the most emersive interior design combine to make this place an experience you'll never forget (You can read more about the design elements on Australian Design Review's Blog here).

It was here again I found some excellent design inspiration, like screens, tiles, tapware and wall decor.  Again, I snapped some photos and again the cycle of inspiration / frustration began. I found it overwhelming to source my desired pieces, in the light of day. I knew there had to be a better way to source signature pieces for my rennovations. So I got to work thinking about flipping the current system on it's head and HomeHustle was born.

Flip your thinking...let retailers hustle for your design dollars.

HomeHustle helps decisive home designers source the perfect product so they can create their dream space, without wasting time or going over budget.

We elegantly colate your design brief and send it out to relevant retailers who will consider it and return an 'offer',  which you can review and if you like what you see you can pop instore to seal the deal with your prefered sales person. There's a messaging and calendar function built right in so you can organise your hectic schedule and never waste an entire weekend sourcing your perfect piece,  again. The online app is free to use and will cut down on the frustrations we all experience while renovating. 

Can you imagine being celebrated for your decisiveness?