Furniture shopping nightmare; how to stay zen when you visit the city (and maybe even have a sneaky champagne with your hubby before heading home).

1 year ago • 5 minutes read

When you live away from the city.

HomeHustle was made with country girls in mind. My cousin lives around 2 hours from her nearest metropolitan centre on a beautiful country estate, she recently built with her husband. She’s a stylish creature, well respected and connected in her home town. She’s the local hairdresser and her husband works in a nearby mine. Their weekends are filled with local football matches, volunteering and family gatherings. Their new home is light filled and modern on 5 acre tree’d town block.

My cousin follows design trends and enjoys flicking through luxury home magazines at the end of the day. She works long hours, on her feet, Saturday’s too. Her two young children take up any spare moments she gets. Her beautiful new home is sparsely furnished at the moment, as she’s having difficulty sourcing the furnishings and fixtures she covets in the glossy magazines. She’s looking for a sofa.

Her home town has limited choices when it comes to interior design furnishings. A single retail outlet, trying to please everyone, and a homewares store filled with Nic-Nacs and gifts are her go to options, but they’re not quite right. She has tried to source furniture online and follows the magazines ‘shop it’ lists, but is often disappointed at shipping costs and lacks confidence in her decisions when viewed via pixilated samples. She wants to see, touch and feel the items she seeks and so must face the 2 hour drive into the city, on a Sunday, kids and husband in tow.

The 2 hour drive.

Generally, the family are roused at 7am, and bundled into the car. She has a list in her mind of the features she’s looking for; ‘coastal lux’, chaise on the left, no longer than 2.8m. She heads for the major retailers in the massive home sector hubs, arriving at 9 am. Her husband follows obediently, tape measure in hand. They have money to spend and are looking for something different, something to stand out ‘back home’, a statement piece. She’ll know it when she sees it. She really wants something like the sofa she saw at that restaurant, on holidays in Noosa, last year. She’s got a photo of, but hasn’t been able to find anything similar.

She straps the kids into the pram and commits to tracking down her sofa. She’s already done at least 20 hours of web browsing and scoping out the retailers, so it shouldn’t be hard! She enters a major store and scans the displays, a friendly sales professional gives her a warm smile. The family do a quick lap around the floor display and she can tell they haven’t got her desired piece here today, she was too busy to phone ahead, she curses her self. She smiles back at the salesman and they volley polite banter about the children and what she’s looking for, all the standard questions, it’s a waste of time because she knows it’s not here. She moves on to the next shop on her list in her head. The kids are given a big red balloon and her husband sits on a few sofas trying to point out the positives. The same frustrating scene is repeated over and over again until they break for lunch, frazzled and irritated with her strong vision and the lack of options. They call it quits and head to the beach for a swim, before making the 2 hour trip home, without an order.

Coming home empty handed.

This disheartening scene is echoed in many renovating families around the globe. A beautiful home, a tired and decisive woman wanting something in particular that is out there somewhere, but where?

This is why HomeHustle was born. I’ve since convinced my cousin to try HomeHustle, she can ‘pre-shop’ her design ideas using her inspiration from Pinterest, magazines or a stunning location photo.

HomeHustle is a great way to source design solutions for your home. Design challenges can be overcome using HomeHustle’s slick platform. If you’re looking for just the right sofa, simply snap a photo of inspirational images from magazines or upload devine photos from recent visits to your favourite resort rooms to create a ‘Design Brief’. Set a budget and sit back and wait for design retailers to send you an ‘Offer’ containing ‘real’ product solutions. If you like what you see, book a time to go in store and seal the deal. No obligations to purchase.

HomeHustle will save you time and cut through the clutter of visiting endless stores on the weekend. Your partner will be much happier knowing they are going to visit Brad at ‘said store’ at 10am to look at the ‘Hamptons’ sofa. You might even have enough time in the city to have a champagne with lunch!