Disrupting the Design Industry - How we 'should' be shopping Moodboards in 2020.

12 months ago • 5 minutes read

Interior Designers are GOLD!

If you've been lucky enough to have worked with a talented and inspiring Interior Designer, your collaboration may have culminated in the presentation of a beautiful looking 'Moodboard'. A devine looking tool created to help you make some serious decisions about your home design project. Moodboards are visionary touchstones reminding us to come back to our original vision to avoid haphazard purchases and decision fatigue. A mood board lets you see how different ideas work together before making serious financial commitments. A comprehensive moodboard should contain the following;

  • Flooring and rugs
  • Paint and wallpaper
  • Window treatments
  • Fabrics for soft furnishings
  • Main items of furniture
  • Lighting
  • Pictures and Artwork
  • Accessories
  • A list of Suppliers

Ongoing interior design consultation is the best option for large scale renovations. Designers will help you shop for products, project manage smaller trades, arrange your finishes and accessorise your space.

For many of us, our home renovation budget may not have stretched far enough to include ongoing consultation with our interior designer. Many designers will field questions throughout your project, but the reality is, most of us have to face sourcing products from the moodboard on our own.

Or perhaps, you have created your own moodboard and are set to get to work shopping your ideas. Others still, will use the moodboards offered in home decorating magazines for guidance.

How we shopped a Moodboard in the Naughties?

Armed with our new moodboard, most of us would spend hours researching products online, visiting online retailers trying to find the right items. We might set up a Pinterest page with similar items or tear pages out of a magazine. We'd then get to work diligently typing in URL's from the magazine shop it lists, emailing, calling and chatting with retailers. We'd probably head out to our local stores too, many of us with family in tow, (read my blog about that nightmare experience) to browse the display stock items, looking to match them to our moodboard. 

Then the pain sets in...

If you've tried shopping a moodboard from a magazine or even a funky new website like Stylesourcebook or Houzz, you probably found that many of the pieces listed were out of stock, some sites I visited had lead times of up 5 months! Their links were out of date and many comments and questions were left unanswered. Furthermore, if you're like me and live outside a major city, you are up for some heafty shipping charges for larger key pieces. There are also feelings of uncertainty. How do you know for sure if an item is right, if you can't see it in the flesh? Many of the promotional pieces in the glossy magazines are expensive and possibly out of your budget. Good luck trying to convince your partner to spend big on a piece you haven't physically connected with!

I came to the realisation that these moodboards and slick online platforms are really just 'advertising' for major retailers. Sure, they are pretty, ontrend -hyperlinked gems of design inspiration, but they are tied to sponsorship dollars and often don't provide the unique solutions we need to solve home renovating design challenges. What about personalisation and customisation? What happens when your space is not a regular configuration? What happens when you want something different? What about shopping locally or fostering creative artisans?

Arrh! So frustrating!

How we should be shopping moodboards in 2020...

If you;

  • are decisive and know what you want, 
  • want something unique, but ontrend,
  • want value for your design dollars,
  • need something specific (like an 800mm wide vanity) and 
  • you know it's out there somewhere!

...then you need to start thinking differently.

This industry is ripe for disruption. Let's flip it! Let's put you as the customer in the drivers seat!  

HomeHustle is not an advertising platform. It's a place to source individualised solutions for your home renovation design challenges. Grab your moodboard or inspiration, set a budget, define your specs and send it out there, for retailers to view and match to their products. If you see something you like, then get in touch with the supplier and start the conversation. 

Fancy being part of the disruption with me? If you're ready to think differently, join us?