the new BLACK

6 months ago • 5 minutes read

We know that frustration comes with trying to communicate with a bot on a website, so a human customer experience is ultimately preferred, however face-to-face interactions instore also have their limitations, with bricks and mortar stores often failing to provide the number of product options, detailed product knowledge or even adequate samples.  So how do home design retailers close the gap between online and instore experiences? Research suggests maximising the ‘pre-shopping phase’ is essential.

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Who’s in your corner? Gratitude and Giveaways.

10 months ago • 2 minutes read

Competition time.

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When you see something you love...the renovation cycle.

12 months ago • 4 minutes read

It was on this delightful day that I saw the perfect bathroom sink that I had been unable to source from my 'regular' bathroom stores. I loved the way they had teamed it with concrete floors and outdoor garden style tapware. The glossy mirror and strip lighting gave it a cool rustic chic. A jam jar vase stuffed with simple daisys and chrysanthemums was just perfect. I knew it was the sink that was the centrepiece, of course,  I snapped a quick photo and told my hubby to have a quick look.  As soon as we were back in our accommodation I started on the iphone googling sinks. I found some, but none near to my home or quite right, unless I was prepared to pay a fortune for shipping costs or comprimise my design, - commence the frustration part of the rennovation cycle. I knew these sinks existed, but pretty soon I gave up the hunt. 

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