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For customers

Are you tired of spending hours researching design purchases online or running all over town to find the perfect piece for your home renovations?

Does the perfect tap, unique light fixture or a couch with just the right configuration elude you?

Are retailers out of stock or do they try to sell you something less than perfect?

We think it’s time to flip this system on its head!

For retailers

Are you a tech-savvy design professional, who wants to drive leads in-store?

Do you know how many leads are currently in your local area?

Are you spending time in-store waiting for the perfect customer to walk through your doors?

Are you looking for a way to harness technology to build synergy in the sales process?

How does it work?

For customers

Customer Request
HomeHustle elegantly generates a personalised ‘customer brief’ for your home design needs.

Collecting Offers
Relax and wait for HomeHustle to collect genuine offers for your business from local design professionals.

Visual Mood Boards
Use images and visual mood boards to assist retailers to see your style and budget.

Book Appointments
Book an appointment instore with your preferred retailer to ‘seal the deal’.

Rating System
Customers and sales personnel are ‘rated’ for future interactions.

For retailers

Receive Notifications
Retailer receives instant notifications for local home design sales opportunities.

Retailer Reviews Design Brief
Personally match products and offers to your customer brief.

Start a Conversation
Build a relationship with your lead before they enter the store.

Showcase your Leads
Fill your diary with booked appointments and real customer profiles.

Performance Management
Showcase your sales performance over time.

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